About Us

We’re passionate about

Improving the post-acute, post-hospital delivery of
medicine through physician involvement and education.

Who We Are

The Bridge Medical Group was formed in 2017 to connect experts in post-acute care with a cohesive group to improve patient outcomes and minimize complications. Our medical experts include physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists known as Physiatrists, Primary Care (IM and FP), Hospice and Palliative Care Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Assistants. We partner closely with other specialties including pulmonologists and pharmacists to create truly seamless patient care across the continuum.


Two physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehab, Dr. Cameron Peterson and Dr. Joseph Fyans, saw the need for a cohesive system that cares for patients after a life-threatening illness, surgical procedure, or trauma. They recognized that due to fragmented care among multiple providers, many patients were failing in the rehab process. Some populations were experiencing a 25% rehospitalization rate. Understanding there are many reasons for hospital readmissions, it was clear to them that increased physician oversight and patient engagement during the post-acute process improved functional outcomes.
Together they developed a clinical program that addresses these issues through a physician-led, team approach while using software developed specifically for increasing communication among caregivers in different settings. The Bridge Utah Medical Group brings high physician presence to the post-acute setting.

Administrative solutions

Administrative solutions can never achieve what physicians working directly with patients can accomplish—particularly when the physicians are experts in post-acute care.